Concert Fidelity ZL-120FX Monoblocs

MSRP: $32,000.00 USD


Only ONE PAIR available!

Solid State power, triode-like finesse, hand-built by the master himself. The sound of One Hand Clapping. Graduate to pure solid-state mastery...

"The ZL-120V2SE monoblocks are superbly designed amplifiers. They do what the best tubed amps do in casting a huge three-dimensional stage with depth of tone and ambience. Amazingly, I remind you once again, these are solid-state devices. At $34,000 a pair, the ZL-120V2SE's, like the Reimyo and Kondo, are geared toward a special group of potential owners: discerning music lovers and connoisseurs who will choose performance over popularity." - Key Kim, Stereo Times

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