Stereologie is pleased to announce our partnership with Black Ravioli of Scotland as their sales agent for North America.

Black Ravioli have made their good reputation in the past with their various vibration absorbing devices and platforms, which introduced a novel means of transferring micro-vibrations from within audio components to devices such as their innovative pads and feet.

Now they have introduced yet another outstanding product series, Black Hole Modules, based upon what they refer to as the Black Hole Effect and a technology they have named "EFLOS". We've tested these products in our own system to...

NEWS: Concert Fidelity of Japan

Stereologie (a division of Stereolab, LLC) will be demonstrating the musical magic of Concert Fidelity's i300b integrated tube amplifier during Capital Audiofest, 2019 in Suite 519.

Masataka Tsuda's masterful design unleashes the kind of beauty that audiophile dreams are made of ... come listen for yourself and find out what Magic truly sounds like!